KABOOM!!!!!! is what you wouldn't hear if your house was struck by a nuclear bomb. This is because you would be killed and annihilated in the nuclear blast. This represents the ever-looming threat of nuclear warfare and total destruction of the world and humankind.

An example of this incident is the USA bombing Japan in the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The buildings, land and 120 000 people that inhabited the land were destroyed. The immediate death toll of both cities combined would equate to the entire population of Darwin being killed. Ten's of thousands of citizens continued to fall prey to the nuclear plague because they had been exposed to the radiation released by the bomb. Would you like for your home, your family, the area that you live in, to be vaporized in less than a second, all because of a stupid war? NO!

War happens when people or countries disagree on particular things and therefore causing destruction and death. Those two key statistics would be a nightmare that will haunt you for the rest of your short life if you survived because you would die of radiation sickness.

Radiation is measured in the form of"Rems". If you have been exposed to over 300 doses of rems you become very ill; the symptoms of contracting radiation sickness are: headaches, vomiting, nausea, hair loss and loss of white blood cells. If 800 or more rems  have been exposed  to your body then you will constantly have diarrhea and most likely die in the next 2-14 days, and if exposed to 1000 rems or over you will probably die in the next hour.

To conclude
our statement, nuclear energy and weapons will most likely be the cause of human extinction. This is why we must never use nuclear weapons again because it will be the downfall of human kind and the destruction of the world and it is vital that we stop nuclear power use because the radioactive waste could be used for evil intentions. GET THE NUKE OUT OF HERE!!!!!


    Danilo Garovic &
    Dimitrios Kokkinis